2025 Enrolment Applications close 31st July

Secondary Overview (Years 9-13)

These are critical years. Young people are developing lifelong attitudes and attributes. An integral part of this is building a biblically-based foundation that will assist them in making sense of the world around them and their place in it. Pupils in the secondary school are valued for their uniqueness and giftedness. All students are challenged to confront issues of  their faith in an increasingly secular world. Our aim is to build an ability to discern.

The secondary school places a strong emphasis on academic excellence and prepares pupils for success in the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). We are very proud of our academic achievements to date. Our school has outstanding pass rates at all NCEA levels. Both our pass rates and our endorsement rates are significantly above comparable schools.

We strongly encourage our students to pursue scholarship studies at year 13 and we are very pleased with our scholarship successes. Although we are a small school, there has been an emphasis on providing as broad a range of curriculum choices as possible. We use technology when appropriate, and have programmes in place to enhance student learning. Our philosophy is that IT serves a purpose when it is integrated naturally into classroom programmes.  Class sizes are comparatively small and courses are adapted to suit individual pupil needs.

Our secondary school is served by a committed and highly competent staff who are fully qualified in their respective curriculum areas. Our staff understand the importance and responsibility of educating your child in these young adult years.