March 2024 Edition
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Newsletter Week 9 Term 1

Hastings Christian School

27 March 2024


The Greatest Day In History?

If you were asked to make a list of the top 10 events in history, what would make your shortlist? Some of the things that came to my mind included; man landing on the moon, the toppling of the Berlin wall, VE Day or the invention of the World Wide Web. As I thought more about this list, I realised how limited these events were historically and geographically - not to mention the fact that I hadn’t included anything from the Bible! When you expand the scope of the search to these additional categories there are obviously many other worthy contenders that could be added to this list. However, without doubt, the greatest day in history was the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Because of the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden, everybody that has lived, with the exception of Enoch and Elijah, has died and been buried. Only Jesus went through death, conquering it once and for all for those that repent of their sin and put their faith and trust in His finished work on the cross.

In the lead up to Easter, I have read a number of helpful articles, chapters from books and commentaries on this preeminent event in history. In the book, ‘You are a Theologian,’ Jen Wilkin and JT, English make the following provocative statement about the significance of the resurrection.The cross is not where salvation is accomplished in full. The death of Christ accomplishes nothing if Jesus had remained dead. Not only was He slain for our trespasses, but He was also raised for our justification.’ In other words, Christ's resurrection is God the Father’s stamp of approval for Christ’s work on the cross, vindicating and validating His perfect sacrifice for mankind's sin.

It is with this truth, that the apostle Peter encourages persecuted Christians by saying; ‘Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead’ 1 Peter 1:3.

A helpful article that further addresses the significance of this historical event, is ‘I Believe in the Death of Julius Caesar and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.’ After explaining four practices that historians use to discover truth about the past, Steve Bateman finishes his article with these words:

‘The Ides of March (15 March 44 BC, the date that is recognised as the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated) may be commemorated today by a few history nerds, but not even banks will take the day off. Yet this Easter, billions on every inhabited continent will celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Caesar gave the world the Julian calendar, but something happened in the first century that caused us to number our years by the birth of a carpenter’s son. It wasn’t his teaching, for rabbis come and go. It wasn’t his death, for countless enemies of Rome were crucified. On (15 March) 2,068 years ago, Julius Caesar died in Rome and the world accepts it as a historical footnote. Just 77 years later, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead in Jerusalem, and the world has never been the same.’

Over the last few weeks, your children have been focusing on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, as part of the lead up to Easter - and the whole school assembly that was celebrated today. My prayer is that the gospel seed that has been sown into their lives over the years will bear much gospel fruit one day.

Easter Break Dates

A reminder that HCS will be closed for the Easter Break on:

Good Friday 29th of March
Easter Monday 1st April
Easter Tuesday 2nd April


House event tomorrow Thursday 28th March
Staff and students are invited to come to school dressed up as one of their favourite book, TV or movie characters! In the afternoon the house leaders will host "Fame Factor" a book/movie-themed quiz with extra fear factor challenges! Houses will work together to answer questions and compete in physical challenges to earn points for their house! Whānau are invited to come and support their children's house in what promises to be an entertaining afternoon. 1.30pm in the gym.

Secondary Parent Teacher Interviews

Secondary parent-teacher interviews will take place during week 2 next term. The dates and times will be as follows:

Tuesday 7th May 2:30 - 6:00pm
Wednesday 8th May 2:00 - 5:30pm & 6:30 - 8:30pm
Thursday 9th May 2:30 - 6:00pm

More detailed information will be emailed to parents shortly with a link to the booking site.

Primary Parent Teacher Meetings

These will take place during week 3, Wednesday 15th - Thursday 15th of May. More details to follow.

Big Day Out

What would possess nearly 50 Hastings Christian School staff to meet at school by 6am last Friday knowing - full well that they wouldn’t be returning home from Cornerstone Christian School in Palmerston North till close to 6pm that evening? While I’m sure a few thoughts like may have crossed their minds at the time, I am confident that by the end of the day the majority saw the value of being able to collaborate with over 250 teachers, office staff, board members and teacher aides from eight other Christian schools and 5 early childhood centres that make up the Lower North Island Christian Kāhui Ako (Community of Schools).

It was hard to pick a highlight from the day. From the opportunity to worship together, hear an excellent keynote address on how to navigate our wider cultural moment from Dr Sam Bloore, through to workshops and breakout groups, the day was jam packed with lots of opportunities for growth and learning.

A huge shout out must go to Renee Ford, our new Across school Lead. Renee would say it was a team effort, and should be right, however a conference like this needs a huge amount of background organisation and we can be thankful to not only her but also to Angie Pratt and Judith Philipsen, our Within School Leads, who helped coordinate the support our school was able to provide.

Primary School Uniform - Years 1-8

With the winter term coming, please ensure all students are in correct uniform. This includes:
  • Plain black shoes (no white/coloured soles or logos)
  • New school navy/jade polo shirt
  • New school navy/jade polar fleece (not the old navy ones)
  • Girls should be in navy socks - no white socks
  • Trackpants are optional but they must be the proper school ones from the uniform shop with the logo on.

Favourite Sock Day

We loved seeing everyone supporting World Down Syndrome day last week!

Mufti Day Next Friday

Next Friday 5th of April will be a whole school mufti day. Please bring a gold coin to go towards fundraising for the Vietnam trip. Thank you.

Concerns Procedure

It is important for the harmonious operation of the school that people are aware of and adhere to appropriate procedures for dealing with difficulties. This is a Christian school and it is therefore expected that biblical principles will be applied in dealing with such matters. Matthew 5:12–14 and Matthew 18:15–20 are relevant.

1. If there is a problem relating to something that has occurred in the class:
  • The first person to talk to about it is the classroom teacher. Do not prejudge the situation and make an accusation. Explain what you think has happened and give an opportunity for the teacher to explain. (Proverbs 18:13–17)
  • If, after talking with the teacher, you are not satisfied that the issue has been resolved you can either let love cover it (1 Peter 4:8), or you can refer the matter to the senior teacher responsible for that class.
  • If after talking to a senior teacher you still think the issue has not been resolved you may bring the matter to the principal.
  • If you still do not think the matter is resolved you may then ask the principal to arrange a meeting with the Board of Trustees’ chairman, or approach him directly.
2. If there is a problem relating to something that has occurred outside the class situation:
  • Follow the same procedures as above except begin by going to the teacher concerned.
3. If you have a problem with a school procedure or policy:
  • Go to the person most closely associated with operating the procedure. Do not prejudge the situation and make an accusation. Explain what you think has happened and give an opportunity for the person to explain. Do not challenge the policy or procedure to them. This is particularly important when dealing with administration staff. They do not set the policy or procedure, they implement the procedure or policy set by others.
  • If after listening you are dissatisfied with the explanation, arrange to speak to the principal.
  • If you are still unhappy with the procedure or policy and the explanation, you may then ask the principal to arrange to meet with the BOT chairman or you may approach him yourself.
4. Manner of Approach – Let your speech always be with grace…
  • Timing. Please check with the person concerned that it is convenient to talk. If it is not, make an appointment for a suitable time.
  • Attitude. Do not prejudge the situation and make an accusation. Explain what you think has happened and give an opportunity for the person to explain. Do not challenge the policy or procedure to them.
5. If a particularly serious situation arises you may go directly to the principal or the BOT chairman, especially if physical danger to anyone or property is involved.

Kids Camp Leaders Needed

Riverbend is running another Kids Camp in April School Holidays (21-26 April) and they are on the lookout for some volunteer leaders.

Here are some details:
"Leading at our Kids Camp is a fun and fulfilling opportunity. Not only will you be provided with the opportunity to learn and grow in a bunch of areas, put your faith into action, spend time with like-minded friends, but you'll also be helping to make a great camp for a bunch of kids! As a leader, you'll arrive at Riverbend before the kids do so that you have time for some training (what to do, what not to do) as well as a chance to get to know the other leaders.

Once the campers arrive you and another leader will be given a cabin of 6-10 kids to look after. Your job is to get to know them, hang out with them, be their friend, ensure they have a great time, share God's Word with them, look after them and know where they are at all times! We’ll take care of the programme, the food and everything else, all you need to do is take care of your kids in your cabin and help give them the best week of their lives! Leaders are required to be professing Christians who are regular church/youth group attendees."

Feel free to contact Toby at

Riverbend Leaders Application

Holiday Programmes

Hockey Coaching

2024 is proving to be very exciting as we are now running ALL holiday programs in Hastings AND Napier. We are hoping to get more and more kids involved with hockey and this is a great start. Please register at the link below and forward this far and wide.

Poster attached and here in the link to registration:

We are really looing forward to seeing all the kids who are our regulars and all the new kids who pick up on this amazing opportunity. As always there will be multiple prizes to hand out no the last day at prize giving! YAY!

Ice Blocks for Sale

Lemonade iceblocks will be on sale for $1 on THURSDAYS this term. Order before school outside the staffroom (juniors) or bring your dollar at lunchtime (seniors).Term 1 only!

Pizza Lunches

Order before school outside the staff room on Friday mornings. $1.50 per piece, cheesy garlic, pepperoni or ham and cheese. Gluten Free $2.00 per slice.

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday 28th Mar - House Event
  • Friday 29th Mar-Tuesday 2nd -Easter Break
  • Wednesday 3 April - Y7/8 Immunisations
  • Thurs 4/5 April - Duke of Ed trip
  • Friday 5 April - Mufti Day
  • Monday 8th Apr - HCS Board Meeting
  • Thursday 11th Apr - Students leave for Vietnam Cultural Trip
  • Friday 12th April - Last day of Term